Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mini Natural Beauty Haul

Hello! Over the last two weeks I have enjoyed picking up a few new natural/organic beauty products to try out. I love trying out new products and can't wait to review them all some time in the not so distant future! Scroll down to see what I have bought! Let me know if you have tried any of the products yourself and what you thought of them OR If there is a different product that you love instead!
On a side note, I have put a poll at the side of my blog so you can vote on what you would like to see more of on here. I really appreciate your feedback and look forward to seeing what people want to read about!

BIOpha Nature Crème Mains
While in France, I spent some time browsing the pharmacies and supermarkets for natural and organic skin care and beauty brands. I saw some things, but it was mainly things I can get online and in the UK. I did, however, see this on one of my last days there which was under 5 Euros so I thought it would a great thing to bring home as I don't currently have a natural/organic hand creme! 

Une Skin Glow Pencil in G03
As you already know, I have tried a few of Une's products before. Here is a review if your interested to see what I thought of them. I have quite small eyes so I am always looking to make them brighter and bigger. I chose this nude coloured pencil to mainly use around my eye area to hopefully give myself brighter eyes! I am very interested to see the results of the pencil.

Weleda Skin Food
A cult beauty classic, I simply couldn't resist buying some to try when I noticed it in the sale on Naturisimo. I have heard so many great things about this product, and as I have dry skin, I thought it would good to see if it lived up to my high expectations!  

Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation in shade 02 Ivory
As a fan of Lisa Eldridge, I was very excited when she did a video on a Natural and Organic Make up look. Of course I wanted to buy everything she mentioned in the video but I knew my bank account wouldn't thank me for that. So when she used the Lavera foundation, I became intrigued by it. This is because I was not impressed with the Volume Mascara that I tried and the fact she spoke so well of the foundation made me think I shouldn't rule the brand out. I trust her opinion so decided to purchase this to try as I have been on the look out for another liquid foundation.

Balance Me Seven Day Lotion
For any UK readers, you need to get yourself down to TK MAXX. Every time I have been there I have been impressed at the amount of natural and organic brands they are selling at REDUCED PRICES! I always seem to end up coming out the store with something new to try and this time it was a body lotion by Balance Me. I can't wait to give it a go!

Thanks again for reading my blog! 


  1. I am really impressed with the skin food too - may have to treat myself to some!

  2. I ordered the Lavera foundation after seeing Lisa's video as well. Can't wait to try it.
    Great haul :)