Monday, 1 August 2011

Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup Brand Review.

Prepare yourself for a long post! I am reviewing a mineral make up brand which i'm going to straight away tell you- I LOVE.

So, Lily Lolo are a UK based mineral make up brand. The products are free from harsh chemicals, dyes and fillers, and the products contain antibacterial properties which amazingly help to improve your skin... while your wearing your make up!! What could be better?!
They have a wide range of products such as foundation, eye shadow, lip gloss and brushes. 
Although they are UK based, you can buy their products on-line from their website where they ship all over the world charging up to £5, so it won't break your bank!

The make up is all really affordable, so much so that I can't stop buying new things to try. They do samples so you can test out certain products first, as buying make up on-line can be difficult if your trying to find the right colour for your skin type. 
I first discovered Lily Lolo in about November time, and after trying out the samples, and ordering full sized products, I am still enjoying using the items. I wear the products pretty much everyday and still think they are great! I have even converted my mum and sister to the brand!

So onto the reviews!

I am on to my second pot of Lily Lolo foundation. I use shade 'Barely Buff', and its a very good match for me. When I was getting samples, I realised I'm much lighter than I thought. The medium coloured shades were too dark for me. Their is a great range of colours to choose from so you can find your perfect match. The foundation is £12.49, and it lasted me pretty much 6 months. I used it almost everyday day and used a regular 'medium coverage' amount.  So I think it's fantastic value for money. I really like the way the foundation feels on my skin. It builds up to the coverage you want without looking cakey and I never really feel like i'm wearing foundation at all. It has great lasting power, staying on up to the moment you wipe your make up off. It doesn't really get affected if you go in the rain too. I find it photographs well. I have often looked at a picture of myself when my skin has been bad and been pretty impressed with the way the foundation photographed- making your skin look oh so wonderful!! If you suffer from breakouts, scarring, rosacea, etc, I think you will really like this product. Your skin doesn't look flaky and feel irritated. I really don't think I have anything negative to say about this foundation. I certainly plan on repurchasing again when my pot runs out! 

I have tried two of their finishing powders. 'Translucent Silk', and 'Flawless Silk'. I have the 'Translucent Silk' which is a white powder and I dust it over my face to give a 'flawless finish'. My mum has the 'Flawless Silk' which has a hint of colour and gives just another little bit of coverage and silky finish. For me, I find this product isn't a necessity. It adds a nice dewy look to my skin, and I think it makes my make up look great all day but I don't feel like its an essential for my make up bag. This is probably because I have normal to dry skin, so foundation lasts pretty well on my face anyway! If I repurchase, (which will be a long way away as it lasts forever!) I will get the 'Flawless Silk' as I prefer the finish to it! You can by the Finishing Powder for £12.49

From this range, I have only tried a sample of the 'Star Dust' Shimmer. It is gorgeous and leaves a lovely pearly finish to your skin. I use it on my cheekbones, brow bone and the inner corner of my eye. I would definitely consider purchasing a full sized pot at £12.49, and I also have my eye on the 'Waikiki' Bronzer! 

I use two concealers by Lily Lolo. The first concealer I use is 'Barely Beige'. It matches my foundation colour really well. Like I said with the foundation, this doesn't make your skin look flaky over spots and it also lasts on your problem areas all day. It's another amazing product which I don't have anything bad to say about. You could use the product on blemishes or if you want a fuller coverage, applied all over. 
The second is the Blush Away- a green concealer. I swear this is a miracle product. It covers redness wonderfully and with the normal concealer applied on top, you wouldn't know their was any redness on your face! I am almost out of mine so will be repurchasing as soon as it runs out!
They can be bought for £7.29 each - Bargain!

I have a full sized pot of Blusher in shade 'Oh La La' which I wear everyday! Its a great natural colour which just adds a lovely flush to your cheeks. I think its the perfect colour for me! It costs £7.29 which I think is very reasonable! I got this pot at Christmas and still have loads left! I tried a sample of the 'Clementine' Blush which is a gorgeous peachy pink. I want to get that one at some point for when I fancy something different! My mum has 'Rosy Apple' which is a darker pinky-brown which is a nice darker colour. I really love the Blusher by Lily Lolo!

In my ever expanding Lily Lolo collection, I own three eyeshadows in the colours 'Sticky Toffee', 'Pink Champagne' and 'Moonlight'. 'Sticky Toffee' is a beautiful colour which believe it or not is a toffee colour. I like to use this all over my lid to give a natural looking shimmer to my eyes. 'Moonlight' is a very dark brown which I like to use as an eye liner. It is also a great colour for creating a smoky eye in the evening! 'Pink Champagne' is my least favourite of the three but is still a very pretty colour. It is a subtle pink, which I wear occasionally. My mum owns 'Soft Brown' and 'Mudpie' which she loves. She says 'Soft Brown' is a great everyday barely there eyeshadow and 'Mudpie' is a lovely one for giving more definition and using as a eye liner. Overall I am big fan of the eyeshadows and they only cost £5.29 which again is great because they last forever!

Black Eye Liner

I have not purchased an eye liner for myself from Lily Lolo but bought one for my sister in the colour Black. It is a great opaque colour but I don't think my sister would repurchase as it smudges very easy and transfers onto the rest of your eyelid or below your lower lash line, which isn't a good look! However when I tried it on myself, I found it is very easy to apply, which is great for someone like me who cannot draw a straight line! It is £5.99 on their website.

I have a Lip Gloss in the colour 'Raspberry Crush' which I really love for the days I want a gloss on my lips! I think its the perfect colour for my lip shade but it has unfortunately been discontinued as they revamped their range of Lip Glosses. I love the lip gloss because it lasts well on my lips and doesn't leave them feeling dry after! It also smells delicious! I'm not sure which shade on their site will be a similar colour but i'm looking forward to trying out their new products! I also prefer their new product design and for £7.29 you can't go wrong! 

Brush wise, I only own the Super Kabuki Brush. It is probably the softest brush you will ever use if you buy it. I use it to apply my foundation and finishing powder, and it applies it really well. The only negative to the brush is that the writing and white coating on the handle is chipped and coming off. It looks a bit worse for wear but still works fine! It is £14.29 which might seem a lot for a brush but I would seriously recommend getting one if you purchase their foundation. You can wash it with some of your natural shampoo and leave it to air dry and it will stay in shape and be as soft as when you first bought it!

When buying my make up, I have nearly always bought it in a kit because it works out slightly cheaper. I have  bought the 'Eye Spy' and the 'Complexion Perfection' which mean you can get the Foundation, Brush, Finishing Powder and 3 Eyeshadows at a slightly cheaper price. I also purchased a kit which contained a Blusher, Eyeshadow and Lip Gloss in one set but unfortunately that has been discontinued. My mum got the 'Ready, Steady, Glow' kit which contained 4 samples and baby sized Kabuki brush so you can work out which shade is right for you before purchasing a full sized item! I think these kits are a great way to try out some of the products that Lily Lolo have to offer!

So I absolutely love this brand as you can see! It really is a great affordable brand that I use everyday as the majority of my make-up routine. I can't say enough good things about them! 
Sorry if their was way to much content in this blog post. I am still trying to work out the best way to review products! Thank you if you made it all the way to the bottom! 

My overall rating for Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics: 10/10

Do you have a favourite mineral make up brand which is affordable?


  1. Great review:) I've eyed Lily Lolo before, but I haven't actually taken the plunge and ordered anything...might have to get on that!

    Thanks for linking my blog btw...I added you to my blogroll too :)

  2. I agree, great review! You are of course speaking to the converted as I love their products already, although I am yet to try the lip gloss.

  3. Oh, and I forgot to say how pretty you look in the photo :- )
    P.S I like Bare Faced Beauty too - perhaps a review to do there?

  4. I just bought a Lily Lolo lipstick as I had to use up a Feel Unique voucher. I can honestly say, I've never been a fan of lipstick (at almost 24 I still feel that it's too "grown up" haha) but this is great. The texture and subtl colour are lovely. Anyway... I have been using Bare Minerals for a few years and although it's good, it's expensive when you're on a budget. I genuinely didn't know that there are other mineral make up brands out there... I have a long list of allergies - dermatologist, not self diagnosed! So I thought I'd have to stick with BM forever! As soon as my current pots run out, I'll definitely give the Lily Lolo stuff a try!

  5. Came here because I've got some of the trial sizes in Blondie, Candy Cane and someone recommended that I try Barely Buff. I think I might have to try it as your skin looks fairly similar to mine. Thanks!