Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Skinfood New Zealand Review

Hello! Today's review is on Skinfood New Zealand. I had not heard of this company until I saw this travel set in TK MAXX. I was after a new moisturiser and like to try out new brands that I haven't heard of so decided to give this set a go. 
So this company are not to be confused with Skin Food by Weleda. They are two separate brands. Skinfood New Zealand are a brand from New Zealand(obviously!) whose products are designed to be unisex and for all ages. They launched in 2002 to be an affordable, good quality, natural skincare line-that's what I like to hear! They are natural based and made with the finest ingredients from New Zealand and the South Pacific. 
So Far, So Good.

The products that I bought in this travel set are all 50ml, the full sized products are 100 ml. In the set, I got the Cleans All Cleanser, Exfoliating Scrub and the Nourishing Moisturiser. I think I  got the set for about £4.99(Bargain) but  you can buy the full sized products for £5.99 each on Amazon.co.uk, or $12.99 on their website for international readers. 

These products have had a good testing as they came camping with me so had some tired, dull and sunburnt skin to work with! 

So lets get on with the review!


To use this cleanser, I mostly applied it with my fingers then washed off with a flannel or used a cotton pad. It is quite a thin, creamy cleanser which is nice for applying to the face. It sunk in quite quickly which did mean if I was using a cotton pad, it was hard to get every bit of dirt and make up of my face. The cleanser wasn't amazing at getting the make up fully off. If I wanted every last scrap of make up off, then I would have to do a double cleanse. The cleanser was really convenient for camping as I didn't need water to use the product so that was useful! It had Aloe & Manuka Honey in which I liked because I like the properties of these ingredients and how they work on your skin. However the smell of these ingredients didn't really come through much. The smell of the cleanser was quite nondescript, but fresh. I do think this is good though because it is designed to be unisex and ageless so anyone could enjoy using it.
It wasn't the best cleanser I have ever used but did an OK job.

Overall rating for Cleans All Cleanser- 6.5/10


This scrub was very similar to the cleanser in the fact it did the job I bought it for, but didn't blow me away with brilliance. This scrub had Aloe & Sweet Almond in which again I like. It had very fine particles in which gently exfoliates my skin. I found I didn't use this product as much because I prefer a Muslin Cloth for exfoliating, but it definitely helped to smooth out my skin. It was much thicker than the cleanser and the instructions suggest applying a thick layer of this to your skin. It wasn't a bad product but I wouldn't choose to buy it again. I am going to try and use it up as a general exfoliator for my body as I like to use up all my products. 

Overall rating for Exfoliating Scrub- 6/10


Out of the three products, this was my favourite. I think it is a good moisturiser for everyday use. On holiday, I did find it wasn't 'nourishing' enough as my skin was quite dry, but as my skin has balanced itself out again it does a good job for day-to-day use. Again, their was little smell but it means my brother or my grandma would use it with no problem! I think the moisturiser does not sink in very quickly which isn't good if your in a rush but it leaves my skin soft and smooth for applying make up onto. 

Overall rating for Nourishing Moisturiser- 7/10

I would consider repurchasing the Moisturiser but I don't think I would buy the other two products again, simply because I have found alternatives which I like more. However these products have a lot of great qualities. The ingredients are safe, and like they say, the products are all unisex and great for any age. I think this is something which a lot of companies haven't taken into consideration. The products are really affordable and mine have lasted pretty long. 
I liked this brand and would recommend people checked out their skin care. They have some other products which look good, such as the facial wipes and the body butter. I think they are most suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Overall rating for Skinfood New Zealand- 6.5/10

Have any of you tried this brand?

Thanks for reading again! I really enjoy writing posts on here and hope you enjoy reading them! 

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  1. Thanks for the review. I just bought the moisturiser and wanted to know if it was okay. It was very cheap, only 10.99 at my local Pak 'n' Save but it seems fine. I haven't been using moisturiser for several months however, so anything would probably do to be fair. It's not greasy, but smells a bit like insect repellent in my opinion!

  2. Bought the mud mask one. Ok for it's price but overall doesn't really hold for more than one day(reducing pores etc) and it doesn't take them away over time :/

  3. This is the second time I've bought the moisturizer.

    It doesn't irritate my skin (as I have sensitive skin) and it does take a good 45secs to massage it into your skin as it is quite thick compared to other moisturizers I've tried.

    The packaging did catch my eye, however, I tend to read all the ingredients at the back anyway to be 100% before I purchase.

    I bought for $11 at PaknSave and 1x100ml would last me 2 months to be used night and day on the face, neck and decollete.