Thursday, 25 August 2011

EcoTools Brush Review & How I clean them.

Kabuki brush(far right) is by Lily Lolo.
EcoTools. Everybody has heard of them, everybody who likes natural make up has probably tried them. They are available in your local pharmacies such as Boots and Superdrug and are extremely affordable. As far as i'm aware, you can only get their brushes in the UK, but they sell other cosmetic products too. say about their brand:

"EcoTools® cosmetic brushes are what started it all! The iconic look of the sleek bamboo, gorgeous recycled aluminum and incredibly soft bristles are only part of what makes EcoTools, EcoTools.
Our cosmetic brushes are beautiful and show respect for the earth. They are 100% cruelty-free, have incredibly soft bristles made of synthetic taklon and have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules.
We also package every product in an eco-conscious way including: reusable pouches, post-consumer recycled plastic and recyclable packaging."

I bought the 6 Piece Brush set which includes Blush brush, Eyeshading brush, Eyeliner Brush, Lash and Brow Groomer, Concealer Brush and a case for your brushes.
I also own the Foundation brush and Eyeshadow Brush.
£15.31 for 6 piece Brush set
£8.67 for Foundation Brush
£5.61 for Eyeshadow Brush

The brushes come in a little storage pouch which you could use for putting your brushes in if your travelling. The brushes are made of Bamboo so have a nice look to them.   

*The brushes are extremely soft.
*They do not shed.
*They hold their shape after they have been washed.
*Their price
*The case my brush set came in. I use it all the time when travelling
*The variation of brushes. 
*High quality.

*That I don't own any more!!

Favourite Brushes.
The eye-shadow brush as its great for blending and putting a colour over my eyelid. The blush brush as its a perfect size and shape and blends the blusher in well. The Eyeliner brush is also wonderful for using with my Lily Lolo mineral Eyeshadow in Moonlight.

Recommended For:
*Anybody interested in eco-friendly cosmetics
*Somebody who wants to make the transition from mainstream to natural/organic.
*People who don't want to break the bank buying a new brush.
*Somebody who wants long lasting good quality brushes.

I plan on buying more of these brushes. I love them! I have nothing negative to say about them. They are wonderful brushes. My next purchase will be the powder/bronzing brush!


Buy From
Instore at Superdrug or Boots. Or online at or


I thought it might be interesting to show you how I wash them. This doesn't involve buying any fancy brush cleaner. I simply use natural shampoo or natural soap
Step one. Run the brushes under warm water. Making sure to point the brush downwards so that you are not getting the rest of the brush wet as the glue that holds the bristles in might 'unstick'.
Step two. Lather up some shampoo or soap and swirl the brush around. Wash off with warm water and repeat until the water runs clear.
Step three. Squeeze out any excess water and reshape the brushes with your fingers. Leave on a towel until completely dry. I put mine in the airing cupboard as its warmer.  
Step four.Repeat with all brushes. I also use the same method for my Lily Lolo Kabuki Brush.
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  1. I love EcoTools and that Noah and the Whale song!
    Great review. Your step by step brush cleaning photos were set up really nicely :)

  2. I think you have just persuaded me to buy some of these brushes. Great review.

  3. This is really helpful! I've been wondering whether I should get these brushes!

    ~Hannah xx

    P.S. I love that song! :)

  4. i just bought the foundation brush and i was so scared to!! it was only $5 and ive never bought a good makeup brush under $10. but i took a chance and now i want the whole set!

    p.s. im in usa they have them in every drug store here! =)