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'TIGI Love, Peace and The Planet' ECO AWESOME Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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I have almost finished using up my Shampoo and Conditioner by TIGI. They brought in a range called 'Love, Peace and The Planet' which seems to be in every TK MAXX I see around. I had never tried TIGI before as they are slightly pricey for me and so when I saw them discounted in store, with a range of organic products, I couldn't wait to try the reputable brand!

The company say these products are:
*Free of parabens and Laurel/Laureth Sulphates
*Rich with renewable/ organic and biodegradable ingredients
*No animal by products(except beeswax)
*No artificial colours or fragrances
*50% post consumer recycled packaging which is 100% recyclable
*Recyled/FSC Paper/Soy/Water based ink where possible.

The website answers some FAQs I was wondering about the products, such as whether they use petrochemicals. These can be checked out on here if you are interested to see.

There are a few ingredients that I am a bit unsure about such as Sodium Coco Sulphate but the majority of the ingredients list look very good. I often find that mainstream beauty companies which create a natural/organic line will still have tonnes of bad ingredients in them. So TIGI have done pretty well.

RRP £8.95. But can be found cheaper online.

I like it. They have obviously got a target market aimed for young people, so making their packaging cool and fun means that somebody young wouldn't walk past the product thinking its boring because its 'natural'. 

Cranberry, Orange and Mint. This is a really interesting choice of scent, and I think it is a lovely refreshing smell in the shower which is different to every scent I think I have smelt! I think some people wouldn't like it, but I do!

*I didn't need to wash my hair twice like I normally do with natural shampoo. 
*TIGI have made the shampoo 250ml and the conditioner 200ml so that you don't have loads of conditioner left after the shampoo runs out.
*My hair feels clean, refreshed and soft.

*This product has Sodium Coco Sulphate in which is a milder SLS. 
*The shampoo seemed to go down quicker than my other natural/organic shampoos. 
*My hair wasn't as moisturised as I was expecting.

Recommended For:
*People with any hair type
*Somebody who wants to make the transition from mainstream to natural/organic.
*People who want something fresh and fun.
*A good everyday shampoo and conditioner.

I would make a repurchase. I have also tried two other products by this range which I will be reviewing soon so keep an eye out for that. The products feel good quality and TIGI look like they have tried hard to offer an interesting line of items which natural and organic lovers will like. 


Buy From
Currently instore at TK MAXX or online on Cheap Smells

Thanks for reading! Hope it was a useful review.

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