Monday, 15 July 2013

Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation Review

Welcome back to my natural beauty blog!
I have been away from this blog for almost 2 years which is scary to believe, time flies. I have now completed my second year at university and i'm loving every minute. 
That doesn't mean I have been neglecting my love for natural and organic beauty products though. They are still regularly used in my everyday life. Therefore I am going to get straight into a review of a product I have previously mentioned on my blog in a haul which you can view here

So lets get to it...

Shade: 02 Ivory

As I previously mentioned in my haul. I was slightly sceptical of Lavera products after being very disappointed with the Volume mascara. The review for that can be read here. I bought this foundation after seeing it in a video by Lisa Eldridge so decided it must be pretty good. 

It was £11.90.

30 ml bottle. Secure fastening lid. Writing has worn off through use.

*The colour was a great match for me. 
*It didn't clog my skin.
*The bottle has lasted me for ages. 
*Gave a 'delicate coverage' as described on the bottle.

*Needed quite a bit of working into the skin. Could look streaky if not applied well.
*It wasn't as long lasting as I would generally want. I don't like having to redo my make up through the day so I would generally use a finishing powder on top. 
*I didn't like the way it looked when photographed. 

Recommended For:
*Somebody who wants a light foundation.
*Somebody who wants a good foundation for day time wear.
*People who want value for money. Decent price, especially considering how long it lasted.

Yes, with the means of using it for a light coverage in the day time.  

Good value for money. Does what it says on the bottle.

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