Saturday, 30 July 2011

8 Uses for Vaseline.

Hello lovely readers! 
Just got back from camping in France for two weeks and have had a wonderful time. The only Beauty product I ended up picking up was a hand cream by Biopha, which i'm excited to use and review at some point!

Today's blog post is based on using up old beauty products. As I have made the transition to natural/organic products, things get left behind. And in my case, I have had quite a few things that have been sitting around. I hate to waste money and think it makes more sense to use up your old products rather than throwing a whole product away. Therefore I try to find other uses for some things I want to finish, and then it means I can find a natural alternative!!

So Vaseline is obviously petroleum, something that isn't good for you. But nearly everybody probably has a tin/tub lying around. I took some on holiday with me, and found 8 great uses for it, which means the tin is almost empty now!

1. Lips- This is the first and most obvious one and the reason people probably own Vaseline. It is a good  balm that nourishes your lips.  I have to say though, I don't think it is the worlds best lip balm. There are definitely better ones out there!

2. Rough Patches- Simply massage it into rough parts of your body! Elbows, knees etc etc. It will sink in nicely and leave the dry parts much softer!

3. Eyelashes- Rub a tiny bit in to your eyelashes before bed, and your eyelashes will become more soft, fluttery and conditioned!

4. Foot Balm- Cover your feet in Vaseline and put some soft socks on before you go to sleep. Your feet will feel much smoother and soft when you wake up!

5. Highlighter- Use on your face as a highlighter. Put on your cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow and nose to create a natural glow! (Just don't put too much on!)

6. Nails- Massage into your hands and around the nail beds to strengthen and condition the nails to make them strong and healthy!

7. Sun Burn- Rub a little into sunburn to give the dry flakiness some intense moisture. Put lots on before bed and the skin will look better in the morning! I did this a lot when I was on holiday!

8. Shaving- Apply to legs and using a disposable razor, shave. I suggest a disposable razor simply because the razor can get clogged with the Vaseline (nice, i know!) But its a great one if you can't do a wet shave. Massage the remaining Vaseline into your skin and your will have soft smooth legs! I wouldn't suggest this to people with very sensitive legs though. 

I hope these have inspired you to find alternative uses for your old beauty products. Its surprising how quickly you can get things used up! 
Thanks for reading. I can't wait to get some more blog posts up soon!

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