Saturday, 9 July 2011

Une Natural Beauty Overview & Mini Products Reviews

This year, I have been testing out Une Natural Beauty Cosmetics. I have collected up a  few of their products over the last few months, so I am going to do a brand overview and mini reviews of the products I have tried.

Une are a natural beauty brand created by the same company as Bourjois. Their ingredients are about 98%-100% organic and natural. The prices range from about £4.99 - £11.99. They are of course free from parabens, sillicones, pthalates and petrochemicals. So of course I was happy to see the products are available in both Boots and Superdrug, (instore and online!)  

The products I have tried are:
Skin-Glow Foundation in G02
Skin-Echo Concealer in E01
All in One Mascara in A01(BLACK)
Sfumato Eyes Shadow in S02
Casual Matt Colour in M06

The packaging is simple and white. With the colour of the products clearly visible and all the closures are secure and won't fall of in your make up bag. Some products, such as the eye shadows, have mirrors on the front which is a good useful feature, even if mine is always dirty! I do have to admit that I sometimes pick up my old boots Natural Collection mascara by accident thinking its the same as the Une Mascara, I think the Natural Collection packaging looks cheap, so I think Une need to be careful not to make there's too similar!

So what are the products like?


I chose the colour G02 as it was winter so I was paler. I have mixed feelings about this foundation. Firstly, it's a very light coverage. This is great for people with naturally great skin, but for me, it doesn't cover up scarring and breakouts at all. The foundation does give me a glow, which is nice as my other foundation is matt. Because it doesn't have silicones in, the foundation can be difficult to get used too. You have to work with it quickly, and I find the best way to apply it is with the hands, doing sections of the face one of the time. I think you also need a really good moisturiser to give it a good base to apply onto. It doesn't sit very well on spots either. So as said before, I think people with clearer skin would like this foundation a lot more. You can also feel the foundation sitting on your skin, even if you use a tiny amount, but this is simply due to the fact that it's not full of chemicals to give you that second skin feeling.

I do like the foundation when I'm having a 'good skin day' and want a glow but it is not a foundation I would use on a daily basis. It gives me a lovely healthy glow which I do really like. I probably wouldn't repurchase this product but would try out Une's other foundations.

Rating: 6.5/10


Next up, the Skin-Echo concealer (shade E01). Probably my least favourite product out of the lot. This concealer, doesn't really conceal. It just slides off any breakouts. I have found its best use is under the eyes.  Like the foundation, you have to work quickly and build it up in small amounts. There is not much else to really say about the product. It didn't really impress me but I have been able to find another use for it as an under eye concealer.

Rating: 4/10


As you know from previous posts, I haven't had much luck finding a great natural mascara. I have used this All in One Mascara quite a lot, and it has been a very good everyday mascara. All in One would suggest Volume, Length and Curl. I don't really think it does all three. I think it adds a nice length but doesn't hold the curl. It also adds a bit of thickness to my eyelashes which is good, but I wouldn't rely on this mascara for an evening look. I actually really like the mascara wand and application. The mascara lasts well and doesn't really smudge around my eyes. A pretty good everyday mascara but not a 'wow product'.
Rating: 7/10


The product I have used the most is the powder eye shadow in S02. As the photo below shows, I have pretty much used every bit of it up. The eye shadow colour was chosen for an everyday base colour for my eyes. I use with a brush to sweep over my eyelids to give a even natural colour on my eyes. As the swatch shows, it is not very pigmented, so I had to use much more product to get the effect I wanted. I did like the eye shadow but think I need to try a different darker shade to really see how the colour looks and lasts on the eyes, as this colour is so natural, it's hard to give a really reliable review. 

So I would repurchase this eye shadow, and think they should bring out some trio palettes for the perfect neutral everyday eye shadow look.

Rating: 7/10


I don't wear many lipsticks/tints/glosses as I have a quite naturally pigmented colour lip. So it's been nice trying out this lip product. The name describes it quite well. A casual matt colour added to your lips. The product is described as a light veil of colour which I think is true. Its not like a normal lipstick and I like to dab it on with my finger tips for a natural finish. The colour seems to stay on my lips for about 30-45 mins, and truthfully I don't know if that is a short amount of time for a lip product, as I'm much more of a lip balm kind of girl! I think you do need a good lip balm under this product as when the colour fades, the colour starts to stick to the dry bits of your lips, not a nice look! I really like the colour of this product though and would like to try some of the other shades. So with moisturised lips, this product is pretty good and one of my favourite products that I have tried from Une.

Rating: 8/10

I think there are some good products from Une, and like many other brands, some products that I think are disappointing. I would still like to try some of their other range, such as the blush, mineral foundation, lip-toned products and some other eye-shadow shades. Their brushes also look good, so it would interesting to try those too! 
I don't love the brand, but I like it. Its affordable, accessible and has a great range of products in good shades.

My overall rating for Une Natural Beauty Cosmetics: 7/10

 Have any of you tried Une Products, and if so what did you think?


  1. Thank you so much for a review on these! I have always wondered if the high prices are actually worth it! :D thank you lovely! x x x x

  2. I am super jealous that you can purchase all of this stuff at a drugstore in the UK. While the product performance may not have been the best, it is amazing to be able to find a natural line like that in a mainstream store! There's still nothing close to that in the US.

  3. i bought une natural beauty foundation and it was absolutely horrendous on my skin. i was a first buyer in foundations and creams so the lady who worked in the shop suggested it to me and i bought my colour, but it turns out the actual colour of the foundation was two shades lighter then my skin colour so that was no use to me. Another bad thing is the packaging, the glass on the front broke on the first day of purchase.

  4. Hi! Amazing post, very helpfull! I'm italian and I would like to try this products but I think I can only buy it online. Do you know any site where I can find them?

    1. hi, sorry for the very late reply. I have had a quick look and Naturisimo sell a couple of Une products. Deliver worldwide. Here is the link:

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