Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Burt's Bees Colour Keeper Shampoo Review

I have another shampoo review for you today, and this one is the Burt's Bees Colour Keeper Green Tea & Fennel Seed Shampoo. 

When I finished my Naked Shampoo, I decided to purchase a different brand to see what else is out there. I went for Burt's Bees, as it is another brand found on the high street and is accessible to lots of people. This shampoo is £9.99, which is over double what I payed for the Naked shampoo. So I was hoping that paying more means your hair is softer and shinier and just lovely!

I have already talked about the company and what Burt's Bees offer in my Honey Lip Balm Review, so I'm going to get straight on with reviewing the shampoo!

The Verdict
I have to say, I really like this product. It smelt gorgeous, really refreshing when you have just woken up. If you like the sweet strawberry type smells in your shampoo then you might not be as keen but I found it a very pleasant smell!

The bottle contains 350ml which is quite a good amount of product. I did find I needed more shampoo than usual, even compared to other natural shampoos. This meant the product went down a bit quicker then I would have liked. However it still lasted ages. I bought it in Easter time and only finished it in June. I only need  to wash my hair about twice a week so the shampoo lasted well! 

This shampoo made my hair very silky smooth and always left my hair feeling really clean. I would be interested to see how my hair felt using Burt's Bees conditioner with it too. I just used one of my other Natural conditioners as I couldn't bring myself to spend about £20 on shampoo and conditioner. 

On the bottle it says it will keep your hair vibrant and shiny. I dye my hair with semi-permanent dye, and the colour has been fading anyway, but I think the shampoo helped keep it a nice colour. The ingredients include Jewelweed Extract which is supposed to help lock the colour in, and the Green Tea helps protect the hair from the sun rays. My hair also looked shiny and healthy, so the product does what it says on the bottle!

So, I have really liked this shampoo and it gave great results. The only negative is the price. £9.99 might not seem to much, but I wouldn't want to get into a regular habit of paying that plus more for conditioner. I think there are others on the market which are cheaper and produce great results too. As I am going to university in September, I will be even more eager to find affordable but excellent natural and organic beauty products! 
I would repurchase this product as a treat to myself and think it is a wonderful shampoo.

My overall rating for Burt's Bees Colour Keeper Shampoo: 9/10

Can you recommend any good natural/organic hair care brands that I can get in the UK? 

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  1. I haven't tried out any Burt's Bees shampoos or conditioners yet, I think I might give them a go when mine run out.
    I really love Desert Essence coconut shampoo & conditioner. I buy them from iHerb because DE don't ship to AUS.
    Great review :D