Thursday, 30 June 2011

Neal's Yard Remedies Eye Liner Review

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Eye Liner is next on my list of make up items that are an easy switch from high street to natural and organic. I received the Neal's Yard Remedies Eye Liner free with Elle Magazine a couple months back and have been testing it out since. The colour is black but the website only sells their 3 colours; Slate, Oak and Midnight. The colour of my eye liner was an exclusive for Elle UK readers! I was very happy to receive this eye liner because I have been aware of Neal's Yard Remedies for a while but have not had a chance to test out their products. 

They are an English brand who have been creating and selling organic products for 30 years. Their website says:
At Neal's Yard Remedies, we're driven by the passionate belief that health and beauty should be more natural, less synthetic. This passion, and our firm belief that it's down to all of us to protect our precious planet, is at the heart of everything we do.
As expected, nothing is tested on animals and they are CarbonNeutral®. They have won countless awards and really are one of the leading organic health and beauty brands in the UK.

The eye liners are 37% organic and certified by the Soil Association. NYR say the eye liner is ultra smooth and glides on with the antioxidant and organic rich blends. It will gently moisturise  and protect delicate skin without dragging and pulling. The packaging is lovely with a navy paper like finish and silver writing.  

As this picture shows I have drawn two lines on my hand using the eye liner. The first one is how it applies normally, the second when it has been smudged. 

How do I like it?
 I think the eye liner does apply very nicely, I have never been the neatest when it comes to applying my eye liner, I always get the line wonky, but I do find that this eye liner is very easy to work with! It doesn't smudge very easily when it is applied which is great however I think it is not very long lasting. It seems to fade quite quickly. I also find that you have to apply 2 layers of liner to get the colour to be more opaque. But one layer is fine for me because I like the more natural look anyway! It is smooth without being to soft which is really good and the pencil doesn't break every time I try to sharpen it!

I have been happy with the eye liner and think it is reasonably priced at £9.50 considering the brand you are buying and the quality of the product. I would consider purchasing another one of their eye liners(in the colour  Oak) and would definitely recommend this product and brand to anybody else looking for an organic eye liner. 

My overall rating for Neal's Yard Remedies Eye Liner: 7/10

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  1. Hi Kate - totally agree with everything you say. I bought another one after my Elle one got too small to use, I bought it from, it's the same price on there but they do have it in their sale for £6.50 so it's worth keeping an eye out for it on other sites too!