Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lavera Volume Mascara Review

Today's blog post is looking into natural mascaras, and in particular Lavera Volume Mascara
I feel like I never have much luck with mascara. My natural eyelashes and rather straight and short, and the main things I choose to look for in a mascara is curl and volume. Finding that perfect mascara can sometimes be difficult, plus I'm looking for one that is natural or organic too! 
I personally don't think there is too much being offered with natural/organic mascaras in the UK which are affordable and easy to buy. I generally don't want to spend much more than £10 on my mascara.
Naturisimo is a great website because it has a vast range of brands and products with free UK delivery. I had heard some good things about the brand Lavera so decided to give their mascara a go! 

I bought the Volume Mascara for £10.90 for Naturisimo in the colour Black. The packaging says 'For natural, full-looking eyelashes' so I expected to have a subtle volume for everyday use. Naturismo also gave a description of the mascara on their website:

'Lavera Volume mascara with a shaping brush adds lasting volume and length to lashes for beautiful, bright eyes. Easy to use and with precision application, the brush glides through lashes for a bewitchingly silky finish. Carefully selected oils, such as organic sea-buckthorn oil, and organic jojoba wax nourish the lashes, while adding structure and shine. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, suitable for contact lens wearers.'

So what's the verdict?

Unfortunately, I have not been very impressed with this mascara. It has a great wand for applying the product to your eyelashes, and it has a good application. However, after applying a couple coats onto my eyelashes, I could not really tell I was wearing any mascara. It did not give any volume or length, the only thing it did was made my eyelashes slightly darker, something which I guess would be good for somebody who didn't want to look like they had any make up on. One thing I did like was that you could easily reapply the mascara, as it was not clumpy or dry on my eyelashes, and it didn't appear to flake onto my under-eye area either (something which is useful for contact lens wearers). Another negative point was that the mascara smells like gin to me, which is not something I want to be smelling when I have just woken up in the morning!

Overall I would not re-purchase the mascara and can't see myself using the rest of my current one up. Although it was a nice application, and gave me smooth eyelashes, it didn't add any volume or length to my lashes, which for me defeats the purpose of using mascara. I would only recommend it to people who possibly have very light coloured eyelashes and don't want to look like they are wearing any make-up.
 I hope to find the perfect natural/organic mascara soon, has anybody got any recommendations?

My overall rating for Lavera Volume Mascara: 4/10


  1. I've been really happy with Zuzu Luxe's mascara. It doesn't give you the most dramatic lashes ever, but I do notice more volume and length too. It's definitely the best natural mascara I've found so far :)

  2. I've tried the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara and it gives the same effect as my once loved Covergirl lash blast.It can transfer a little bit though.
    I also love Origins Beyond the Fringe mascara, probably not the most natural mascara but it works great and is a healthier choice to regular mascaras :)

  3. Not a natural choice, but a cruelty free one! I used to use Urban Decay Big Fatty Waterproof Mascara! It gave me really beautiful thick lashes. I can't seem to find the waterproof version of this anywhere now though so I may have to try a new one, but I'll probably stick with Urban Decay. Only problem is they tend to be on the pricey side!!