Monday, 16 September 2013

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum Review.

Hi everybody! Today I want to talk about the 'Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum'. I picked this product up a while a go in boots for a decent price as I was looking for a new heat protector. I have to admit that I have to remind myself to use heat protection on my hair as I am not one for using hot tools on my hair on a regular basis, preferring to go au natural. I chose this product because I am a fan of Olive oil and I'm aware of how great it is for your skin and hair. My hair has a natural wave and can be frizzy at times. The product says it helps to straighten your hair while protecting it from heat so I was curious to put it to the test.

"Olive Oil Heat Protection serum provides heat protection for hair. It helps to straighten the hair while shielding it from heat damage caused by using hot tools including blow dryers, curlers and flat irons. Infused with Coconut Oil and essence of Olive Oil to add shine and moisture. Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum aids in leaving the hair silky, shiny and smooth. "


Plastic clear bottle. Secure lid.  Can see how much you've used. 6.Fl.OZ. Packaging isn't very fancy.

*This serum smells DELICIOUS, it smells like strawberry.
*You don't need to use very much. The bottle is taking forever to get through.
*Leaves my hair looking shiny. If I blow dry my hair, or straighten it, my hair feels soft too. 
*I often use this a pre conditioner before washing my hair. My hair feels great after.

*If you use too much product, your hair feels greasy because of it being a serum.
*Sceptical about the straightening qualities. I haven't noticed a difference.
*Haven't noticed if my hair is in better condition because of using heat protection.

Recommended for:
I wouldn't recommend this for people with oily hair. I think it would be too rich. After reading other reviews online, people with frizzier, course hair seem to be bigger fans.

If I ever get through the whole bottle, I'd probably repurchase to use as a multi-purpose serum.

7/10.  Quite happy with the product. Very affordable. Lovely scent.

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What heat protection products do you like to use? 

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