Friday, 2 September 2011

White Rose Soaps Mango and White Clay Face Mask Review

As my mum has a business selling handmade soap and natural skin care, you become a guinea pig trying all sorts of concoctions until the final product has been created to sell. This is great fun and I end up having favourite beauty products that I otherwise would have never tried. The process of making and testing one item takes months until the product is ready to sell. The face masks started being created in about March/ April and I can genuinely say I have been using and enjoying the Mango and White Clay Mask a lot since then. I have tried lots of different varieties and I always come back to this one!

This is an honest review on the face mask because I truly love the product. I wouldn't be using it once a week if I didn't like it. 

So on to the review.

£6.50 for one jar. This is 50g and you get about 10 uses from one jar.

A glass jar with waterproof label and secure lid. I'd like to think the label was nice but I designed it so that would be biased!

*The smell is gorgeous. It smells just like mangos- believe it or not!

Mix powder to paste with water/milk/yoghurt and apply to face. Leave for 10 mins and wash off!

*My skin does not become irritated when the mask dries.
*You only need about 1 teaspoon, so the dry powder lasts forever.
*The dry formulation means your mask won't go off. 
*Its convenient, you don't need to start mixing up lots of products to create a face mask but you get the joy of a natural handmade face mask.
*Its an easy application.
*The morning after, my skin looks really fresh and feels smooth. The mask pulls outs all impurities!

If you use it more than once a week, your skin might start to get irritated but apart from that I have no 'negative' things to say.

Recommended for:
*Normal skin types
*All ages- from teenage skin to mature skin
*Somebody who enjoys having a natural face mask but doesn't have the time to make one from scratch.
*There is also a Apricot and Honey mask which is good for all skin types and a strawberry one coming soon for oily skin. 

Yes! This is my go-to product for great looking skin especially before and after a night out. 


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Shipping is £2.95 for UK buyers, £5.00 for everywhere else. 

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